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Personal Loans

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What is a personal loan?

The fastest growing type of credit for Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials are personal loans. Our personal loans are unsecured loans, meaning there is no collateral required. The average personal loan balance in 2021 was $16,259, according to Experian, a level that is similar to credit card debt. While a credit card allows people to keep borrowing as long as they are under the credit limit, many people like that a personal loan is for a fixed payment and term. In California where the cost of living is high, unsecured personal loans are becoming the preferred method of financing for high ticket items.

Your funds can be used for any purpose

Benefits of an S.O.S. Loan?

We offer quick, affordable and confidential installment loans for life's everyday challenges. We are the industry leader for online personal unsecured loans.

Build Your Credit

We report your payment history to Experian. By making your payments on-time you can improve your credit.

A California Direct Lender

As a licensed California direct lender, we underwrite and service your loan. No 3 rd parties involved.

Access to Higher Capital

Get $10K to $25K Within a Day!

No Pre-payment Penalty

Pay your loan off early and save on your interest expense. You only pay for the time you have the loan outstanding.

Personal Loan Near Me

During COVID we re-engineered our online loan process & consolidated our local offices into a complete online loan experience. You can live anywhere in California and apply through our personal loan application.